Krisann Gentry

Assistant Director + Theatre Director + Teacher

Beginning in backyard summer shows with her sister and cousin as her sometimes-willing castmates. She can recall being a small girl and watching Singing in the Rain, while crying, lamenting that such talent was “so rare in movies nowadays,” so it was natural for her to go into theatre arts, you see. She has trained in (and continues to study) many styles of dance, with extensive history in musical theater performance, swing dance, and ballet, and all aspects of live performance production, plus a little dipping into jazz, tap, and a short stint in roller disco that did not end well and she would prefer not to talk about, thanks. Miss Krisann has two daughters and a sweet son of her own, and loves to teach all ages. When she’s not in the studio, she can be found writing plays, coaching theatre competition groups, mentoring young authors, editing manuscripts, reading, enjoying travel with her family, or napping.