Jennifer Quan

Art Director + Teacher

Bringing more than 20 years of professional experience and a lifetime of learning and love, our art instructor, Mrs. Jennifer, has so much to share with young artists!

With a background spanning across both architecture and design fields, Mrs. Jennifer draws on an extensive contextual knowledge of art imagery, historic movements, and cultural connections from around the world. She teaches from the classic masters and techniques as well as with out-of-the-box, fresh ideas to inspire her students to find passion in creating from hope, joy, and delight in their work.

She loves art and art expression, especially as a vehicle for allowing imaginations to come alive, and be communicated across language and culture barriers.

When she’s not at work teaching or painting some of her fabulous murals, you can usually find her surrounded by any number of her close-knit family, where she best enjoys her gift for playful sarcasm.