Ben Fogelstrom

Team Member

Benjamin Foglestrom fell off of a delivery truck as an infant, on a bumpy backroad in Madagascar, and as a result was raised by lemurs. It was these very same lemurs who taught him to breakdance, which is why he’s so good at it. Therefore he was the perfect candidate to teach all the breakdancing sessions at Blessed Feet Dance. Little known-fact: he consulted on the making of the film Madagascar because of his history there, and his favorite song is “I Like to Move-It Move-It.”Truthfully, Ben is an accomplished instructor who has been dancing for over fifteen years and teaching for nearly seven years. His styles include a focus in breakdancing, with a little pop-and-locking and krumping. He has also taken a few ballet and modern dance courses! Before gaining any training, he practiced wild and crazy spins, flips, and cartwheels, set to the tunes of Michael Jackson’s, “Thriller,” and “Bad,” as well as the Cocktail movie soundtrack… the one with Tom Cruise. Ben loves to travel and dance with mission trips, and has said that he believes the Bible tells us to dance so often because God himself dances over us, whether we express joy or sorrow, pain or laughter, or love and freedom – God moves with us and through us.Mister Ben spends roughly twelve hours per day grooming his mustache. It is the lemur way.